100 Practical Ideas Adult Set

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Healing Your Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas

This flagship title in our 100 Ideas Series offers 100 practical ideas to help you practice self-compassion. Some of the ideas teach you the principles of grief and mourning.

The remainder offer practical, action-oriented tips for embracing your grief. Each idea also suggests a carpe diem, which will help you seize the day by helping you move toward your healing today.

Healing A Friend’s Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas for Helping Someone You Love Through Loss

When a friend suffers the loss of someone loved, you may not always know what to say. But you can do many helpful, loving things. Compassionate and eminently practical, Healing A Friend’s Grieving Heart offers 100 practical ideas for friends, family members and caregivers who want to help.

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Author Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.
ISBN 978-1-879651-25-8 | 978-1-879651-26-5
Type Paperback