It’s natural to have many questions about funeral plan options. We’re here to help answer those questions and make suggestions you might not have considered. Here are just a few of the many questions we answer every day.

1. Can I make funeral arrangements before a death occurs?

Absolutely. People are often overwhelmed when a death occurs, particularly when a death is not anticipated. That is why most people choose to document their wishes in advance. Placing these wishes in a will is simply not sufficient, as wills are generally not read until well after the funeral. By planning one’s funeral in advance, many of the difficult decisions otherwise made at the time of death, may be alleviated. Read more…

2. Is there a cost to Preplan a funeral?

Free of charge, however, after various affordable plans available, most people find the advantage… that’s right for you.

3. Should I choose to prepay my funeral, how are the funds protected?

Placed into a separate account in your name, protected similar to a bank CIDC and Assuris.

4. What if I move?

Portable. Plan is always yours.

5. What happens if a death occurs away from home?

This is more common, portable, travel, vacation visit family and friends abroad. One call international repatriation. T&P 24-hour assistance.
Canadian Consulate or Embassy
Travel Plan

6. Should the remains be present and viewed?

Having the remains present for a gathering or ceremony may not be particularly important to some, although can be significantly helpful for other family and friends as they begin their own grieving process. The decision whether the casket is open or closed is a decision that can generally be made closer to the time of the gathering or ceremony. Many families find it quite beneficial to pay tribute to the deceased, even if initially they felt it not important.

7. How much does a funeral cost?

When planning a funeral ceremony, the options are virtually endless. Often there are different avenues available to assist a family with the various expenses – many that you may not have been aware of. A Turner & Porter funeral director would be pleased to meet with you to explain the range of options available before committing to any decisions.

8. Is cremation less expensive?

Many of the same options are available for those selecting either burial or cremation. In some instances, cremation may even be more costly than burial. As you consider this decision, please speak to a funeral director as they may provide information relevant to your own situation.

9. We don’t have any religious background, but would still like to have a ceremony. What options do we have?

Whether descending from a religious tradition or not, there are numerous options available when commemorating a life lived. All Turner & Porter locations are equipped with facilities for a gathering, ceremony and reception. You may choose a very casual atmosphere, or prefer a more traditional environment where a family member may act as the master of Ceremonies, or if you prefer, Turner & Porter can assist with arranging for a speaker.

10. Can we pre-plan a funeral without pre-funding it?

Although prearranging a funeral does not require prepayment, here are a few of the reasons people may consider to do so:

  1. Turner & Porter Price Guarantee
  2. Comfortable payment options
  3. Relieve financial burden of others
  4. Prior to entering a long-term care facility
  5. Tax advantage

Various funding options available:

  • Cash
  • Single Payment – Trust account, Annuity
  • Insured Time-Payment Option (2 – 15 year payment plans available)
  • Partial Payment
  • No Payment

To learn more about any of the available payment options and to find an option that will best suit you, click here or call 416.767.6793.