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Our Service Options

There are many things to plan in a short period of time (which is one of the reasons that people plan in advance to relieve some of the burden from the family).  Here is an overview of service options…

Family Gathering

A time designated for your immediate family to be together at the Chapel prior to public visitation and Service/Mass. The length of time is determined by the family, whether it be to become as comfortable as possible to the surroundings, share stories, create a personalized environment in the suite to your wishes etc.

Public Visitation

A scheduled day(s) and time(s) that are extended to family and friends to pay their respects, offer support or just to be with you.  Families are encouraged to personalize this time with whatever they deem reflects the individuals life… photos, hobbies, DVD presentations etc.

It is important to realize that without public visitation, what might have been hours can turn into days, weeks and months. People will offer their support the next time they see you whether it be at the grocery store, bank, mall etc.

Service/Mass/Life Celebration

This is a scheduled time when the life is reflected.  This may take place at one of our Chapels, Church or other location relevant to the individual.  It is important to bring closure no matter whether those in attendance is family, invited guests or open to the public.

Burial or Cremation

The disposition of the Deceased does not reflect whether or not there is a Family Gathering, Public Visitation or a Service/Mass/Life Celebration.  One is simply an alternative to the other.

Advance Planning

For your convenience and as a way to assist your family, Advance planning offers you an opportunity to record your wishes and directions to your family.  It is a distinct means to be of help to your family when you are not there to do so.  There are plans available for every budget. Read more about Advance Planning.


This is one of our services after the service.  Our Aftercare Director meets with you to assist in initiating settling of the Estate.  We will assist you in applying for government funds, cancelling credit cards, policies and subscriptions.