At Turner & Porter, we understand that following a funeral, there is still so much to do. We are pleased to assist with the following Healing Resources.

C.O.P.E.S. (Community of People Extending Support)

A six-week program that provides an outlet for people who have experienced the death of someone near to them.

After a significant loss, people often feel isolated. The first days of sympathy quickly fade as life goes on for those less affected by the death. Some seem to expect the person should “be strong”, and that life should go back to normal.

This support group offers a combination of education and interaction creates an atmosphere in which grief is validated; where people can normalize their reactions, which they have felt abnormal. In the supportive environment of a group, people feel understood. Their grief is given legitimacy. They find out it is okay to feel the way they do. They learn that grief is a natural reaction to loss.

Among Friends

A continuation of our C.O.P.E.S. program, this group meets once a month at a local restaurant continuing their journey, supporting each other.

Aftercare Assistance

We would be pleased to have one of our trained counselors assist the executor, or family member, with many of the practical matters that can be the most difficult after the loss of a loved one. Notifying Income Securities, Canada Pension Plan applications for lump-sum death benefit and income continuance, Retirement Pensions, Insurance Claims, Credit Card Cancellations, Bank Account updates, notifying Utilities and re-direct mail are just a few of the ways we are prepared to help.
Together, we can help you tackle these.


With over 50 titles available through our bookstore, we have included sections relating to adults, teens, children, loss, grief, hope and living through the holidays. These resources may be beneficial to you, or someone you know. View all of our titles.


A library is available through our Community Awareness Centre that lends books to people who are grieving. We have books on hand about all aspects of death and loss.

Community Presentations

Turner & Porter is pleased to offer various community presentations including topics such as Grief and Bereavement, Canada Pension Plan and other Government Benefits, Wills and Estates, Advance Planning and many others.

To schedule a presentation and group tour of one of our facilities or arrange for someone to speak at your facility, please contact our Community Awareness Centre at 416.767.6793.

Community Room

The use of our Community Room is available, should your group require a facility to hold an upcoming meeting or event. The facility use is free of charge to not-for-profit groups. Please contact us for additional information.



For further information regarding any of the above services, please contact the Turner & Porter Community Awareness Centre at comments@turnerporter.ca or by calling 416.767.6793 (Monday – Friday 8:30 – 4 p.m.).