This article appears in the March issue of Instincts.

Steeped in 140 years of history with the 6th generation of the Porter family still involved, Turner & Porter has become one of Canada’s oldest and largest family-owned funeral companies, serving 2,500 families every year. The company’s Neweduk-Erin Mills Chapel managed to create a truly remark-able experience for our friend and her family by anticipating their needs, being consistently professional, and offering unexpected moments of comfort during a time when they needed it most.

The staff even went so far as to bring a plate of warm, freshly baked cookies into the meeting room during the family’s first planning visit. Brilliant, especially since the newly bereaved often forget to eat, and warm cookies are the embodiment of comfort. Grandma hug-style.

From start to finish, Turner & Porter exceeded expectations by simply paying attention to what their clients needed and wanted at every single stage of the process. As a result, they delivered the kind of experience that our friend and her family have been talking about ever since.

What does the Brand Coach coach?

You shouldn’t have to lose someone to get decent customer service.

No matter what business or industry you’re in, one of the most important Brand-building tools is creating great experiences for all your stakeholders. Strive to be remark-able (meaning so great, that people literally “remark” about you) in all you do — at every touchpoint with every stakeholder. By doing so, you’ll create a passionate following of Brand Ambassadors — employees, customers and strategic partners — who’ll find themselves compelled to actively promote your offering to others.

It’s a widely proven fact that anything a third party says about a company is typically more credible than anything a company says about itself. And in a cluttered marketplace where we’re each bombarded with over 3,500 commercial messages every day, being remark-able is the best way to stand out and build your Brand.

Turner & Porter clearly understand and demonstrate how critical it is to provide consistently remark-able service at all the different touchpoints they have with their customers. They know that the experience is what someone is going to remember — that’s what stays top of mind, be it good or bad.

So make it good. No matter what.